Program Design

The YLI program is designed to enhance the participants’ leadership skills, equip them with unique problem solving skills and build a network among the high performing students across Indonesia.

To achieve this, the participants work through three forums over 6 months; these provide them the conceptual framework and practical skills to lead self (Forum 1), lead others (Forum 2) and lead change (Forum 3). During the program, the participants are exposed to a network of high performing, inspirational leaders who are invited as speakers and facilitators.

Between forums, the participants are required to work on real-life projects in order to apply and practice the skills and frameworks learned during the forums.

YLI Program Structure

Personal Leadership Project

The Personal Leadership Project (PLP) is introduced to enable participants to challenge themselves by planning, developing, managing, and evaluating their own initiatives, as well as to encourage them in creating impacts within society. This is an individual-based project where they have the opportunity to apply leading-self skills that they learn in the first forum. The PLP outcomes are presented by the individual participant during Forum 2.

Breakthrough Leadership Project

The Breakthrough Leadership Project (BLP) is a team-based project that is designed to provide an opportunity for the participants to gain experience working within a professional team setting. The participating organizations and companies provide BLPs to be assigned to participant teams at the end of Forum 2. The BLP is designed to enhance the participants’ capacity to work within teams and create real impacts in the assigned organization/company.

An example BLP that the participants successfully completed was from the Presidential Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight (UKP4). The project was to design the Open Government Indonesia Secretariat that strives for a more transparent, accountable, and responsive government.

Open Government BLP (UKP4)

Participants Experience
“During the course of implementing the BLP, I feel blessed with the many learning opportunities I received, from the challenges in managing the project, to meeting inspiring people who are eager to contribute to our nation. We thank YLI and UKP4 for the opportunity to achieve one of our biggest aspirations, which is to restore trust in government and spread optimism in regards to our nation’s future.“

–Muhammad Hazki, Bandung Institute of Technology–

Comments from Participating Organization (UKP4)
“One of UKP4’s main priorities is to accelerate Open Government Adaptation, creating a more open, participative and innovative government. Alanda and Hazki’s first project was to audit the government units that participated in the Open Government Competition and created videos on OGI. The Competition was so successful that the Vice President of Indonesia not only praised the video but also mentioned that the competition should be an annual event. I thank YLI for assigning Alanda and Hazki to UKP4. We could not have asked for a better experience working with such talented young people who believe in doing their part for the betterment of Indonesia.”

–Ayu Kartika Dewi, Head of Open Government Indonesia Secretariat –