Q: If I’m a first or second year student, can I apply?

A: Only 3rd and 4th year students will be considered in the selection process.


Q: I have just graduated, can I apply?

A: The program is open for those who are still at school when they apply


Q: If my GPA is below 3.3, can I apply?

A: If your GPA is not significantly less than 3.3/4.0 but possess strong leadership evidenced by proven track record in organizational experiences, we encourage you to apply.


Q: If I am interested to be a McKinsey consultant, how can YLI benefit me?

A: As a YLI participant, you will have the opportunity to learn McKinsey frameworks including problem solving, presenting with impact, personal presence, etc. that will help you to prepare better in the recruiting process. You will also have a close interaction with McKinsey consultants who can help you understand the nature of working as consultants. There is no preferential treatment for YLI participants who are interested to apply for consulting role in McKinsey.


Q: How can YLI benefit students who are passionate about entrepreneurship?

A:  1) You will have the opportuntiy to realize your passion in starting a business for example, forum’s assigment such as Personal Leadership Project, 2) You will be assigned a mentor or coach that can help to think through your business idea, 3) You will have an opportunity to introduce your business and network with fellow participants with the same passion (i.e. high performing students from other universities) as well as entrepreneurial organizations who maybe a good business model and can serve as a coach


Q: How is the relationship between McKinsey and YLI?

A: YLI was intitiated by PT. McKinsey Indonesia in 2008 who aspire to contribute in the talent and leadership development in Indonesia. YLI has been established as an independent foundation since 2010, however McKinsey remains to be the driver of the program and is the Knowledge Partner in the YLI Foundation.


Q: Does YLI have any quota for participant per university?

A: No. Selection of participants is merit based.


Q: After graduation, what am I going to do as a community member?

A: To start your journey as a future leader by looking for ways to create impact in the society; practice of what you learn in the program to start making a difference in your community; maintain the network with fellow alums through initiatives and spread YLI impact


Q: Why should I choose YLI over other leadership development programs?

A: 1) The network with fellow participants who are high performing students from across Indonesia and overseas; and to have the opportunity to learn from each other and hear their thoughts and concerns about Indonesia, 2) Inspiring leaders and guest speakers and opportunity to interact and learn from their leadership experience, 3) The forum and fieldwork approach and the practical skills taught in the forum which helps the participants address their personal development needs and help them transition from college to the workforce. These skills are not taught at school, 4) Focus and understanding to be effective leaders who focus on solving problems, delivering impact and driving change in Indonesia, 5) Mentoring by senior managers from reputable companies or organizations through team projects and exposure to potential future employers in mini job fair held at the end of the program


Q: What commitment do I need to make if I’m accepted as a YLI participant?

A: Once you are accepted to join the program, you will be asked to formally agree to commit to the program by signing an offer letter in which you accept the terms and condition to join the 6 months program. Failure to attend the program fully will bear consequences to return the scholarship benefits in pro-rated amount: for example, if you miss to attend 1 of the 3 forums, you would have to reimburse 1/3 (one third) of the total cost per participant; if you miss 2 forums, you reimburse 2/3 (two third) of the cost, etc.